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Whether you're settling into a new city or looking to expand your social circle, OneTrueTribe is here to help. We're more than an app - we're a community dedicated to helping you form meaningful connections and enrich your social life.

The Problem

Current state

You talk with a 'CrossFit Athlete' and you have a good feeling about them but you don't want to be seen as needy or pushy, so you wait until seeing them another time before sharing your details. And the next time you might do the same, or if you're not as lucky this person is on holiday or is attending classes at a different time... ❌ 😩

New State

You talk with a 'CrossFit Athlete' and you have a good feeling about them, you tap phones or share your verified QR Code with them without sharing your phone numbers, and we'll be the ones creating luck for you guys so that your paths cross again and you can continue the conversation.
✅ 🤩


Our Features

OneTrueTribe is built around three core features, [NFC/QR code sharing, creating luck and tribes] each designed to help you navigate your new and existing relationships and choose which ones to turn into lasting ones.

Growing a Relationship

Creating Luck

Creating luck
Any type of relationship needs repeated care. We're here to get you to cross paths with the people you choose to and take care of your relationship (if you forget, we'll remind you).


Privacy focused

No need to share your personal number with your contact
We believe it should be simple to share your contact details and keep it to a minimum until you get to know the person a little more.
With OneTrueTribe you can use NFC or a personalised QR code to verify and add the person through the app.


Your Tribes

Find Your Tribe
Connecting with like-minded individuals can make your workout more fun. Imagine getting into a new Box and already knowing some of the people. Our app helps you find small groups of people with similar interests. These could be your new friends, your support system, your tribe

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